The way to Montana is gorgeous, our trip there took longer because we kept stopping to take pictures and to just take in the scenery around us.
We got up early one morning to watch the sun rise in Glacier National Park. It was the perfect time to get there and a great day to drive around the park and visit Lake McDonald and watch the wildlife.

Our lovely hosts were generous and were so giving of their time. They had just moved, that week to their new home that God had provided.

We were able to see this small community during the in between time after summer tourists and before winter tourists came. We enjoyed the small town with the cute shops and our host owns the nicest coffee shop in town, so we had some good coffee. We also got to meet some of the locals that worked there.

Then we were off to Calgary, Alberta. There we stayed with a wonderful family who loved on us and the kids, that was the biggest blessing. God keeps showing up when we don’t expect it with what we need, but maybe don’t realize we need.

In Calgary we took a day trip over to Banff and walked around a bit. It was a great time to visit and the kids loved it, we got to see some wildlife and walked around a ‘castle’, and they really enjoyed that too.

I was amazed by the land and how it was just plains and not many trees then all of a sudden: mountains!


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