Hey Everyone,

We are starting to try and raise more awareness and support for our trip to Australia, which is coming up real soon.. So one thing that we are going to do is sell some T-Shirts. With the help of an amazing friend, Dusten LaPointe, we have printed a shirt that we are going to be selling.. So if you would like a shirt find me, or Bethany. We are selling them for $20.00. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “T-Shirts.

  1. I go to the Stirring, but didn’t have $20 with me last night. I really want to support your journey and I love Hillsong and all that they do. When will you guys be coming back next, or will I be able to buy a shirt online at some point?

  2. They will be selling the shirts for us at the night services at the Stirring.. Thanks for your support!

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